Product Description

Artemis Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 is the most effective mold elimination solution in the restoration industry!

Bio-Oxygen® Mold 100 is an EPA registered Disinfectant, Bactericide, Fungicide, and Algaecide.

It is a patented, non-corrosive 2-part activation formula that eradicates bacteria, mold, mildew and their odors by destroying them at their source. The guaranteed success of Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 is achieved by combining the 2-part formula and using our delivery and application protocol.

Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 searches and destroys, fractures and breaks down the tough, outer mold spore shell allowing for the agent to enter and eliminate the entire mold organism and destroy the toxins within.

Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 does not encapsulate but eliminates mold and their spores so it cannot hide out or go dormant.

Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 leaves a residual barrier on the surface that prevents mold re-growth.

Bio-Oxygen® Mold 100 is ideal for water damage restoration, storm flooding, sewer back up and river flooding mitigation to eradicate germs, bacteria, mold and eliminate their odors.

Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 is biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-flammable. It safely degrades itself after the activation period to simply water and oxygen; no strange odors or oils left behind. It is ultimately effective, yet friendly to our environment and used by restoration and remediation professionals around the globe.

Professional Remediators can fog, spray or foam Mold 100 as the scope of work requires. Artemis does not use toxic chemicals like alcohol, bleach, phenols, or botanical oils that could cause allergies. Artemis products leave the surfaces clean and disinfected, without any sticky residue or odors, saving time and labor costs in the final clean-up and re-build phases. Using MOLD 100 will ensure you pass the mold clearance test the first time.

For full product information please see Artemis Bio-Oxygen® MOLD 100 data sheet in product documents.

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